15mm Lens Portable Thermal Monocular


15mm Lens Portable Thermal Monocular

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The QC Premium Thermal Monocular is the ideal tool for identifying heat sources during night or day. Ideal for hunting, search and rescue, night reconnaissance and many other uses. Records video and pictures and can identify humans and other heat sources up to 1000m away.


Model – CQ-MTC41C01

Detection – Vehicle 1300m, Human 1000m

Identification – Vehicle 300m, Human 200m

Colour Detection – 4 options, HOT – hot colour, HOT – red colour, HOT – White, HOT – Black.

Sensor – 5th Generation UFPA

Digital zoom – 2x, 4x

Lens – 15mm

Battery – Lithium battery, working time 8 hours no record, 5 hours record

Weatherproof – IP66

Interface – Video and photo output via USB

Operating temperature – -10 Degrees – +50 Degrees

Weight – 500g

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