B.A.M.F.F. DUAL LED Tactical Flashlight – 4.0

B.A.M.F.F. DUAL LED Tactical Flashlight – 4.0

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The B.A.M.F.F. 4.0 combines a powerful LED spot light for long distance visibility with a wide angle flood light for close range area lighting. These two LEDs can be used simultaneously with the DUAL LED, providing 400 lumens, increasing your overall visibility.

The B.A.M.F.F. can be used for a wide array of activities including camping, hunting, hiking, repair, and daily carry. It will open your eyes to a whole new way of seeing at night. The B.A.M.F.F. eliminates the tunnel vision you get with a traditional flashlight and allows you to utilize your peripheral vision. The broader range of light greatly increases your field of view by illuminating objects that otherwise would have been left in the shadows.

400 lumen total light output
Dual LEDs – long distance spot light + area lighting flood light
6 Modes including strobe and SOS
Tactical grip with tap to change tail switch
Powered by 3xAAA batteries – included
Bludgeon head for emergency situations
Size: 5.1” length x 1.2” diameter (129mm x 30mm)

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