FLEXIT – Pocket Light 6.5

FLEXIT – Pocket Light 6.5

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A Modern-Day Multi-Use Flexible Flashlight

The FLEXIT Pocket Light acts and performs as a tradition flashlight. Simply grab the handle and flex the LED head into a 90-degree position, and voila, you have a traditional flashlight. But don’t stop there! Think beyond the barriers of the typical flashlight and let a modern flashlight get the job done.

Spotlight & Flood Light
The aluminum LED housing contains a center CREE spotlight and a ring of flood lights for wide-angle lighting. Use these flood and spot LEDs independently, or at the same time to light the surrounding area and a focal point in the distance.

Press the side mounted power button to cycle through the four modes or press & hold the power button to dim the light to the perfect lumen output in any mode.

Battery Gauge
Keep an eye on your battery power by monitoring the LED fuel gauge on the side of the body, and quick charge when necessary with the waterproof USB-C quick charging port.

Model #00385
Total Lumens
650 TrueLumens
Spotlight: 350 lumens (max)
1x 5W Center CREE LED
Beam Distance: 120m (max)
Beam Angle: 60 degree
Intensity: 3500cd
Color Temperature: 5400K (daylight white)
Flood Light
White Light
300 lumens
6x 0.5W White SMD LEDs
Beam Distance: 25m (max)
Intensity: 160cd
Color Temperature: 5400K (daylight white)
Red Light
4x Red SMD LEDs
Spotlight & Flood Light: High 3.5 hours
Spotlight: High 7 hours
Flood Light: High 7 hours | Low 72 hours
3350 mAh 18650 Lithium-ion rechargeable

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