Premium Night Vision Monocular


Premium Night Vision Monocular

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This premium high end night vision monocular NH9X is based on the latest Visionking research and technology. The instrument adopts the high-performance generation ii image intensifier, with excellent performance in pitch black conditions, small volume and weight, light & clear imaging, simple operation. The monocular has individual eye piece focus and master focus capability.

The NH9X is designed for military observation, hunting, coastal defense reconnaissance, public security surveillance, forensics, customs anti-smuggling, etc. in no illumination environment at night.


MODEL –  NH9x Image intensifier Gan2+

Magnification – 1X

Resolution – ( lp/mm) 45-57

Photocathode – S25

Sensitivity – 2850K(uA/lm) 450-500

View angle(degree) – 42+/-3

View distance(M) – 180-220

Adjustable range of eye distance – 65+/-5

Diopter range -1

Optical system – F1.2, 25mm

Coating – Multilayer broadband coating

Auto anti strong light – High sensitivity broadband detection

Rollover detection – Solid non-contact automatic detection

Size(mm)(No eyeshade) – 130x130x56

Material – Aviation aluminum

Weight – (no battery) 393g

Battery type – AA x2

Infrared auxiliary light source wavelength (nm) – 850

Wavelength of red light source (nm) – 808

Battery life(H) – 80(IR OFF) 40(IR ON)

Humidity range – 5%-98%

Waterproof – IP65

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