Rothenberger Leak Detector

Rothenberger Leak Detector

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Acoustic leak detection device for pipelines systems.

Application Area

Suitable for both internal and external use. The ROLEAK Aqua amplifies water flow sound enabling leaks to be easily pinpointed.

Key Features

  • Optical and acoustic display
  • Wireless headphones to enable maximum movement
  • Also for use as a ground microphone
  • Leak detection possible even in the dark

Technical Data

Filter: 3 fixed filter adjustments (low – broadband – high)
Resolution: 0-10 sound increments
Radio frequency: 864MHz – device and headphones
Frequency Range: 0-4kHz (40-4000Hz)
Transmission range: Up to 20m
Detection Range/Depth: Up to 5m
Flow Range: >1.0L/min
ROLEAK Batteries: 2 x AA alkaline cells
Headphones Batteries: 2 x AAA alkaline cells
Operating time: Approximately 50hrs
Dimensions: 114 x 35 x 25mm

Set Includes

  • ROLEAK Aqua hand held unit
  • Headphones
  • Extension bar
  • Magnet adaptor
  • Tripod adaptor
  • Pipe adaptor

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