SPECTRA DG613G Pipe Laser – Green Beam

SPECTRA DG613G Pipe Laser – Green Beam

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Overview for the Spectra DG613G Pipe Laser

The Spectra Precision DG613G Pipe Laser is built for efficiency, accuracy and reliability when laying pipes.

The length of the DG613G has been reduced to make it easier to set up the lasers into tight inverts in the manhole. The DG613G has a grade range from -12% to +40% and is fully self-levelling over the entire grade range. Even the cross axis is fully compensated  – providing quick set up and peace of mind that the laser will be level without having to adjust at the bottom of the invert.

The DG613G works over a distance of 150m (500ft) providing full operation in a single set-up between manholes. The new RC803 remote control provides full function control and utilises infra-red light in the pipe for up to 150 meter (500 feet) control. For “over-the-top” setups, the remote utilises radio communications up to a distance of 130 meter (430 feet).

Flexible power options provide 30 hours operating time with NiMH rechargeable batteries. Alkaline batteries can be used directly at the laser without a separate battery pack. An additional car charger is available for work in remote areas.

Large graphical user interface can be seen easily when the laser is in a manhole. All functions are available via graphical menu which makes it simple and easy to use – no secret button pressing and short learning curve means it can be handed to anyone in your crew with little or no training. The same graphical user interface is used at the RC803 remote control.

The Spectra Precision DG613G has advanced functions that make setting up and using it easier and more accurate:

  • Line-Set, check allows the laser to shoot the beam upwards to align to the next manhole from a short, deep trench as the beam will move up to 100% in seconds.
  • Line scan allows the beam to sweep quickly (left and right) and can be stopped on the target at the bulls-eye position using the remote control.
  • Line Alert is automatically activated once the grade and alignment are set –warning the user that the set-up has been disturbed, avoiding costly errors and re-work.

The DG613G has a bright beam that can be easily spotted in the pipe and enhanced with the patented target that bends the beam upwards making it easy to see when looking down at the pipe reducing the need to bend down to see the beam when in the trench or standing above the trench. Multiple attachments are available allowing the DG613G to be mounted in pipes of any size from 150mm (6 inch) upwards. A blower is also available to evenly circulate air through the pipe to avoid refraction of the beam inside the pipe.

Features for the Spectra DG613G Pipe Laser

  • New reduced length allows easy set-up even in tight inverts
  • Large, bright, graphical user interface makes the screen easier to see and use when in or out of the pipe. Same graphical user interface can be seen on the remote – what you see on the laser you see on the remote.
  • Self levelling range of -12% to +40% over the entire grade range
  • Cross axis compensation provides a quicker more accurate set-up as the laser does not have to be level in the pipe – place it in the pipe, it levels, you work.
  • Bright visible beam that works up to 150m (500ft)
  • IP68 protection (dust and waterproof)
  • RC803 remote works via radio 130m (430ft) or infra-red 150m (500ft) for both “over-the-top” set-up and in pipe/trench set-up.
  • The Spectra Precision DG613G has advanced functions that make setting up and using it easier and more accurate:


– Line-Set/Check – allows the user to align the laser to the manhole quickly and easily to set direction. The beam will go up to 100% allowing easy alignment at the first day even in short trenches

– Line Scan – provides a quick alignment to the centre of the target for the second day setup

– Line Alert- notifies the user if the set-up is disturbed eliminating costly re-work from errors


Specifications for the Spectra DG613 Pipe Laser

Accuracy ±1/16-inch @ 100 ft (± 1.5 mm/30 m); 10 arc seconds
Self-Leveling Range -12% to +40%
Protection Class IP68
Weight 6.61 lbs (3.98 kg)
Warranty 5-year
Operating Temperature -4°F~122°F (-20°C~50°C)
Tripod Thread 5/8″ x 11
Material Aluminum
Diameter 13.5 cm (5.3 in)
Cross Axis Leveling Automatic
Color Green diode laser
Type/Wavelength 600 – 680 nm
Entry Step+Go or Digit Select
Display Percent, Per Mille, Degree
Range -12% to +40%
Rechargeable Battery/Life 40 hours
Alkaline Battery/Life 50 hours
Remote Control
Operating Range 430 feet above, 500 feet in pipes
Alkaline Battery/Life 130 hours
Display LCD Graphic
Plumb Reference Yes
Sleep Mode/Auto Shut Off Yes
Tunneling Yes
Interior Pipe Work Yes
Exterior Pipe Work Yes
Manholes Yes