TRiLIGHT Motion Activated Ceiling Light

TRiLIGHT Motion Activated Ceiling Light

$275.00 Inc. GST.

This innovative light will flood your garage with 4000 lumens of light, but will only use 24 watts of power. For those of you running comparisons in your head, let us help you. A traditional bulb only puts out 800 lumens of light and burns 60 watts, and for those “mathletes” out there, here are the numbers. The TRiLIGHT is 5 times brighter and 2.5 times more efficient.

This motion sensor isn’t your old school tech which leaves you jumping and waving to turn the light back on. This is new “Microwave Motion Sensing Technology”. It is extremely sensitive to even the smallest motions, so you wont be left in the dark while you are working in your garage. Now with adjustable motion sensitivity dial to fine tune the sensitivity, so it activates where you want it to.
Every time you enter the room, your light will automatically turn on. After 90 seconds of no activity, the TRiLIGHT will turn off. If you happen to be a “hands on” type of person, and just insist on using your light switch instead of the motion sensing, just turn the motion sensing feature off and it will work like a normal light bulb. The TRiLIGHT is as easy as screwing in a light bulb! Just ditch that 60w bulb and screw in the TRiLIGHT.
  • Model# 00342
  • Base: E26 medium screw
  • Light Output: 4000 lumens
  • Power Consumption: 24W
  • Color Temperature: 5400K Daylight White
  • CRI: 80+
  • Sensor: Integrated adjustable sensitivity timed 360 degree motion sensor
  • Sensor Sensitivity: OFF, MIN-MAX
  • Sensor Timer: 90 Seconds
  • Dry Location
  • Not Dimmable
  • LEDs rated to 50,000 hours
  • SGS Certified (Tested to UL Standards)
  • 3 year warranty

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