IoT Monitoring Solutions

Simplifying Deployment of Commercial Grade Monitoring Solutions. Monitor almost anything anywhere.


Health Care – Construction – Industrial – Commercial – Agriculture – Asset Tracking – Asset Management

Level NZ offer a huge range of fast to deploy, cost effective monitoring solutions. We have a menu of over 2000 wireless sensors all relaying data back to one easy to read dashboard. Save time and money by remotely monitoring almost anything anywhere. Set thresholds & alert parameters, monitor trends, track assets and much more.
Contact us and have a chat to our IoT monitoring specialists for a solution for your application, peace of mind and relevant data at your fingertips.

Specialist Monitoring Solutions for Structural Health

There are a variety of structures all over the world that Structural Health Monitoring can be used on to effectively maintain the health of structures. Be in touch for a custom solution for Structural & Geological monitoring

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High Rise Buildings and Apartment Blocks

  • Structural Health Monitoring can detect
  • Tilt
  • Crack Formation 
  • Degredation of piles 
  • Load & Strain increase
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Bridges and Archways

  • Structural Health Monitoring can detect
  • Frequency changes 
  • Load changes 
  • Crack formation and increase in size
  • Tilt and sinking of ambutments
  • Strain and Load changes
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Heritage Buildings and Structures

  • Crack formation
  • Monitoring of existing cracks
  • Degredation of load bearing uprights
  • Sinking and tilting of structures
  • Load & Strain increase
Does it make sense to replace Americas aging dams with solar panels

Dams and Waterways

  • Strain and Load changes
  • Crack formation
  • Crack Monitoring
  • Degradation of walls & Abutments
  • Sinking of uprights
  • Flow changes
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Rail Lines and Bridges

  • Frequency and load changes
  • Tilt and buckling of uprights
  • Crack formation & Monitoring
  • Sinking of piles
  • Warping of lines via temperature changes
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Motorways and Highways

  • Strain changes
  • Frequency & Vibration changes
  • Crack formation & Monitoring
  • Sinking of piles
  • Strain changes in load bearing beams
  • Warping of roads via temperature changes

DECK Sensor

Our patented Vertical and Horizontal DECK sensor is the leading dynamic displacement sensor. The competitors to the DECK sensor measure displacement in a static mode only this is what sets the DECK sensor apart. High Accuracy, Low Frequency and Live Updates.


3 Axis Tilt Sensor

The 3 Axis Tilt sensors are able to determine the twist, tilt and change of vertical stance of a structure. Being able to determine the change in structures integrity quickly enables the health of the structure to be maintained and saves potential insurance issues and huge financial cost.


The Move Accelerometer can measure the acceleration of the point where it is installed, on the three axes, with high resolution. Like other Move devices, it is full wireless, and the battery lasts for years, in relation to the transmission frequency (timed and/or by threshold exceeding). This Accelerometer also integrates a temperature sensor inside. It is great for dynamic monitoring.



The wireless Vibrometer is able to measure the velocity of the point where it is installed, providing a complete analysis of the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations. Performs real-time and remote vibrational analysis. Understand if the vibrations and stresses caused by construction sites close to the monitored structure exceed the values set by the legislation in force. All sensors also record temperature, are battery powered and use the LoRaWAN wireless communication protocol.

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