GNSS & Surveying Equipment

Level NZ specialises in learning your application then configuring your surveying equipment to suit the correct inputs/outputs and broadcasting settings before it even leaves our warehouse. From here, we work with you closely to ensure you are up and running and getting the full benefits of this great range of revolutionary mapping equipment.

Getting a pre-configured and ready-to-go system can save a lot of time and frustration. Further support options include supplying a device with ready-to-go Emlid or any other software, hire purchase options and ongoing support programs. We see the supply of the hardware being about 50% of the equation with the other 50% being support and back-up expertise. Our pricing shown covers basic set-up and support but please be in touch to discuss a wide range of other options.

GNSS mapping has a wide range of options and applications and it is important to know you are getting the best value for money. We connect all the dots for you by supplying relevant information for your application, like LINZ base station info, permanent survey mark locator apps and third-party software information for more advanced mapping.

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