DC40 Industrial Pipe Inspection Camera System


DC40 Industrial Pipe Inspection Camera System

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The DC40 Inspection camera system put together all the components you need for professional inspection and recording of pipes up to 150mm. A wide range of other options are available like 60m, 80m and larger reels, self rotating cameras and dedicated monitor boxes.

The DC40 kit has been selling for over 10 years in New Zealand with some excellent feedback from the market. A couple of stand out features include the flexibility of the camera head and brightness and clarity of the imaging. With a crystal camera lens cover and sturdy componentry the DC40 kit with give you years of of hassle free inspecting!

Local back up service workshop and spare parts.

Sonde transmitter 512Hz.Digital counter-met/imp is built into the camera so can be tracked using our cable locator.

Camera Specifications:

  • Full colour camera
  • 60 degree Camera vision angle
  • Super hard wearing sapphire glass lens cover
  • 12 white LED for excellent viewing
  • Camera Diameter: 22mm
  • Camera resolution: 420TV line CCD


Monitor Specifications:

  • 7″ TFT LCD Monitor, 320 x 960 Pixel
  • ‘AC/DC power supply
  • -28 degrees C ~ +48 degrees C operating temperature
  • USB DVR function for video and audio recording and storage.
  • Built in Rechargeable Li-on Battery – for 3-4 working hours.
  • Warranty: One Year


Package Includes
1. Inspection camera with 8 LEDs
2. USB digital video recorder with remote control
3. 40m fiberglass cable and stainless steel reel
4. 12v rechargeable battery
5. 18cm (7″) TFT LCD screen
6. Sturdy Pelican case

Pipeline, Drain, Sewer, Duct, Milk lines, Plumbing


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