DC40 Industrial Pipe Inspection Camera System

DC40 Industrial Pipe Inspection Camera System

$4,950.00 Inc. GST.

Industrial video pipe inspection camera + CCTV drain
Sewer inspection system 40 meter fiberglass cables with DVR   

Package Includes
1. Inspection camera with 8 LEDs
2. USB digital video recorder with remote control
3. 40m fiberglass cable and stainless steel reel
4. 12v rechargeable battery
5. 18cm (7″) TFT LCD screen
6. Sturdy Pelican case

Pipeline, Drain, Sewer, Duct, Milk lines, Plumbing

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Item Specifications
Camera Diameter: 22mm
Camera resolution: 420TV line CCD
Cable diameter: 4.8mm
Cable length: 40m
LCD Size: 7 inch
Case feature: With DVR recording function
Warranty: One Year

Industrial video pipe inspection camera, CCTV drain / sewer inspection system 40 meter fiberglass cable
Backup and Playback through USB flash memory

Sonde transmitter 512Hz.Digital counter-met/imp. Voice recording

Optional text writer

Camera Specifications
Color CCD Camera, 60 degree Camera vision angle
Sapphire glass lens cover, 12 white LED for good view in dark area

Monitor Specifications
7″ TFT LCD Monitor, 320 x 960 Pixel
AC/DC power supply
-28 degrees C ~ +48 degrees C operating temperature
With USB DVR function for video and audio recording, snapshot

Rechargeable Li-on Battery built-in, for 3-4 working hours.