Digital Theodolite

Digital Theodolite

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GeoMax Zipp02 Series Theodolite

RELIABLE – Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries & alkaline spare battery holder will ensure you never run out of power.

ROBUST AND WEATHERPROOF – Dust & water resistant housing rated to IP54 for work in any weather conditions

QUICK AND EASY – Dual large back-lit LCD displays for quick setup and easy operation

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With vertical compensation and 2” accuracy the digital theodolite provides you with the precision required for your most demanding jobs for an affordable price without adding complexity. Various display modes, hold and set zero for horizontal angle, a variation of measurement units, simple distance measurement via stadia lines make an easy operation with only six keys. Visible laser plummet enables you to set up over a point faster and easier than ever. This is the tool of your choice when it comes to checking angles, alignments, grade work and short range levelling.

  • Easy to operate
  • Laser Plummet
  • Two clear LCD displays
  • Rechargeable and standard battery packs
  • Horizontal angle can be set from zero at any point
  • 2“ accuracy