Emlid RS2 – RTK Rover Set

Emlid RS2 – RTK Rover Set

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Emlid Reach RS2 Multi-Band RTK GNSS Receiver
Affordable cm accuracy GNSS receiver, can be used with a local base station or your own base station. Use the the free Reach View 3 app.

The reach view app is a basic mapping app collecting cm accurate data from a wide range of datum options. Connect units to third party software like FieldGenius for more advanced mapping features.

KIT INCLUDES: RS2 Rover unit, 2m survey pole and bipod.


  • IP67 – waterproof to 1m depth
  • Temperature operating range -20° C – 65° C
  • Super tough polycarbonate body covered with elastomer
  • Industrial battery – LiFeP04. 2000+ charging cycles maintaining original capacity
  • Compact and lightweight (126x142mm – 950g)

Our Partners: mapgear.com.au

Check out the intro video here

RS2 Rover application

Use the RS2 rover with a sim card in conjunction with existing base stations (check with Level NZ on locations) you can use the RS2 up to 70km away from LINZ base stations and within internet coverage.


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Unit Specifications


Ingress protection:- IP67 (water and dustproof)

Size:- 145 x 145 x 85mm

Weight:- 950g

Temperature range:- -20°C – +65°C


Battery life:- 30 hours

Charging point:- Micro USB

Certifications:- FCC, CE

External Power input:- 6-40V


Signals:- GPS/QZSS L1, SBAS, GLONASS G1, BeiDou B1, Galileo E1, SBAS

Update rate:- 14Hz GPS / 5 Hz GNSS

Tracking Channels:- 184



Interfaces:- USB, RS232, PPS Event

Radio:- LoRa 862/915 MHz

Wi-Fi:- 802.11a/b/g/n

Bluetooth:- 4.0/2.1 EDR


Static Horizontal:- 4mm + 0.5ppm

Static Vertical:- 8mm + 1ppm

Kinematic horizontal:- 7mm + 1ppm

Kinematic vertical:- 14mm +1ppm


NTRIP, VRS & RTCM3 corrections

NMEA and LLH/XYZ position output

RINEX logs with update rate up to 20Hz

16GB internal storage