Spectra LL300N Laser Level

Spectra LL300N Laser Level

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The Spectra LL300N Laser Level is ideal for elevation controls, excavations, levelling forms and footers, concrete pours and more. It features a one-button operation, highly rugged design. With a working range of up to 500 feet, this rotary laser also includes a mm laser receiver for enhanced reception outdoors.

The LL300N Laser Level from Spectra Precision was a podium finisher in our Best Laser Levels of 2020 Study – Read More Here

Self-levelling horizontally within ±5 degrees, the LL300N has an accuracy of 2.2mm @ 30M and a 600 rpm rotation speed. It has a removable rotor cage that enables unobstructed 360-degree coverage and a 5/8-11 thread that allows you to mount it horizontally or vertically to a tripod. To avoid inaccurate readings, this laser level also features an out-of-level alert that shuts off the unit when knocked out of place.

With an IP66 protection rating, the LL300N can withstand adverse environmental conditions, such as heavy rain and dust. Its patented lighthouse seal protects the rotor head and glass and offers superior drop protection. Using four D-cell alkaline batteries, this rotary laser works up to 90 hours and approximately 45 hours with the optional rechargeable NiMH batteries.

Please Note: The manual single slope feature is ONLY available when using the RC601 remote control. Without the remote, this feature cannot be accessed.

The LL300N’s fully automatic self-leveling capability provides fast, accurate setup. Rechargeable NiMH battery pack (Optional) or alkaline batteries keeps the unit working with no downtime due to power loss.


  • -Operating diameter of 500m with supplied Detector
  • -Increases productivity with fast set-ups, fewer mechanical parts, and automatic self-levelling
  • -Maintains performance even in rainy, dusty and other harsh job site and weather conditions
  • -Durable design reduces downtime due to drops and tripod tip-over’s
  • -Minimises power costs, increases reliability with choice of rechargeable or alkaline batteries

LL300N Laser Level Specifications:

  • -Laser Source: 650 nm, Class 2, <3,4mW
  • -Laser Accuracy:  +/- 2.2 mm at 30 m
  • -Operating Range: 500 meter diameter
  • -Self-levelling Range: +/- 5 degrees
  • -Compensation Method: Electronic self-levelling
  • -Drop Height on Concrete Performance: 1 m
  • -Out-of-level Warning: Rotor stops, red out-of-level HI-LED flashes
  • -Power Source: 4 x D-cell NiMH or alkaline batteries
  • -Battery Life: Rechargeable – 45 hours, Alkaline – 90 hours
  • -Battery Status LED: Flashing red LED
  • -Rotation Speed: 600 RPM
  • -Tripod Mount  (Horizontal and Vertical):  5/8” x 11
  • -Operating Temperature:  -20 °C to 50 °C
  • -Storage Temperature:  -20 °C to 70 °C
  • -Water Resistant: Yes, IP66
  • -Size: 27.2L × 19.7W × 20.1H cm
  • -Weight: 2.7 kg

HL450 Receiver Specifications

  • Digital Readout Units: mm, ft, in, frac
  • Reception Height: 4 inches (102 mm)
  • Three On-grade Sensitivities:
  •  Fine ~1/16 in (1 mm)
  • Medium ~1/4 in (5 mm)
  • Calibration Mode ~1/64 in (0.1 mm)
  • Battery Life (2 x AA): 70+ hrs
  • Automatic Shutoff: 30 minutes
  • Operating Temp.: -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
  • Dust & Waterproof: Yes IP67
  • Weight without Clamp: 13.1 oz (0.371 kg)
  • Warranty: 3 Years, 2 Years “No Excuses”

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Premium quality Rotec Laser Level – Red Beam

  • Instrument
  • Laser Detector with mounting clamp bracket
  • IR Remote Control
  • Mains charger unit
  • Batteries for Detector & Remote Control
  • Rechargeable and standard battery packs
  • Red laser enhancement glasses
  • Red magnetic target plate x2
  • Instruction & Safety manual
  • Robust & foam lined, carry case
  • (Staff & Tripod not included) 

Premium Quality Australia made multi purpose laser level. Horizontal and Vertical self-levelling.

High precision electronic self-levelling laser unit.
With MCU control, easy to use & high accuracy.
Horizontal and vertical self-levelling with plumb beam up.
Ideal for high precision levelling and set-outs.
Has scanning function for indoor use and manual slope input feature on dual axis.
With clockwise and counter-clockwise rotating function.
Remote control included.

Horizontal accuracy: +/- 3mm over 30 metres (+/-20 arc seconds)
Vertical accuracy: +/- 3mm over 30 metres (+/20 arc seconds)
Auto (self) levelling range: +/-5 degree (instrument will auto level on a surface within 5 degrees of true level)
Measuring range: 200 metres diameter (using the supplied laser detector)
Rotation speed: 0, 60, 300 & 600rpm
Dual Grade range: +/-5 degree (in both X & Y axis)
Laser Output: 635nm class II visible red laser diode
Laser ground plumbing: Accuracy +/-1mm / 1.5m
Remote Control range: 20m by IR
Power supply: 4 x 1.5 Volt rechargeable batteries (included)
Continuous operating: 40hrs approx.
Working Temperature: -20 to +50 deg C
Waterproof protection: IP54
Instrument Dimensions: 200(L) x 150(W) x 184H (mm)
Instrument weight: 2kg (with batteries)
Robust & foam lined, carry case: 370 x 250 x 250(H) mm
Kit gross weight: 4.6kg

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