Rebar Scanner

Rebar Scanner

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Locate embedded metal before your drill bit or saw blade does. MetalliScanner® MT 6 is the tool you need if you are sawing concrete slabs or walls that contain rebar; conduit or plumbing. This powerful dedicated metal scanning tool can locate metal up to 150mm deep in solid concrete.
MetalliScanner® MT 6 locates both ferrous and non-ferrous metal up to 150mm deep in concrete and other non-metallic surfaces. It also differentiates between ferrous and non-ferrous metal targets and indicates the target depth in inches and centimetres.
MT 6 indicates when you are approaching a metal object with a large plus (+) sign on the display. When the plus becomes a minus (-) you have crossed over the target and are now moving away.
Use MetalliScanner® MT 6 to find or avoid rebar; cables; pipe; nails in reclaimed wood; nails/tacks in studs behind lath and plaster walls; electrical boxes and conduit and more.

  • Automatically differentiates between magnetic metal (such as rebar) and non-magnetic metal (such as copper pipe)
  • Shows the depth of metal from the surface in both inches and centimetres
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen identifies the location of metal objects to the nearest inch and depth to the nearest 13mm
  • Helps map out the grid of metal through any non-metallic construction material including concrete; tile and marble

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