Theis – Digital Dual Plane Grade Laser – Autoslope, Align Function & Radio Remote

Theis – Digital Dual Plane Grade Laser – Autoslope, Align Function & Radio Remote

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Vision 2000 Autoslope – Premium quality & precision, imported from Germany.

ALIGN FEATURE – This laser comes with the ALIGN feature, which is where the laser will scan to find the receiver at a set point then fasten on that point – creating a line between a set start and finish point.

This laser has AUTOSLOPE function which means if the laser gets bumped it re-calibrates to the grade settings and continues to spin. This is different to the standard Vision 2000 from the perspective that the Vision 2000 if bumped will stop and require the user to re-set and re-start the laser level.

RADIO REMOTE – This laser kit has is supplied with Radio Remote control for long distance controlling of laser level functions

The Vision 2000 Laser Level is a fully automatic self-leveling laser unit with a visible laser diode. Self levels on horizontal and vertical axis. Digital grade input on two axis. Ideal for horizontal & vertical levelling and dual plane gradient work.

Comes standard with millimetre readout receiver

Kit includes, laser unit, millimetre receiver, carry case, radio remote charger & operators manual.

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  • Self-levelling: automatic self-levelling up to ±5°
  • Horizontal/vertical and digital grade input cabilities
  • Grade function: available with dual grade slopes of up to 10%
  • 750m radius range
  • Manual mode
  • Automatic saving of the last slope settings after switching off the unit.
  • Bright display through illuminated LCD
  • Vibration protection can be activated to compensate for ground vibrations
  • Waterproof: dust-proof and waterproof to IP 67 standard for all weather conditions
  • Vertical & plumb: automatic vertical and plumb beams (model LAS.2N / LAS.2N.R only)
  • Scan mode: 10°, 20°, 40°, 60° or 80° fan angle which can be directed to a specific area